Gorkha CBR Project

Goals and objectives of the project

The main goal of this project is to empower the differently able people by giving support to improve the quality of life for the persons with disabled in poor families in Kerabari VDC of Gorkha district.

Total number of people living with disability:-


  1. Awareness raises programs on the rights of persons with disabilities in family and the community.
  • Knowledge to the community people on disabilities and CBR project:

This is very first activities done in the community, during the survey. This activities is done side by side with survey, the orientation to the community , concern stakeholder  and to the people living with disability and to their family the basic orientation and sharing.

  • Strengthening self help group.

This was very important activities to make more active and to strength the people living with disability. Total 3 self help groups were formed in that ward of Siranchowk Rural municipality. Monthly meeting used to be conducted by the SM and experience sharing, problem sharing and solving those problems were also done in that session during the meeting. Repeatedly every people used to come to the meeting and used to have active participation on meeting. Total number of intervention 276(M140 F136)

2.Training program:

  • Basic CBR orientation training

In a global sense, community-based rehabilitation (CBR) is the primary means by which disabled people in most countries of the world have any access to rehabilitation or disability services. Community Based Rehabilitation was first promoted by the World Health Organization in the mid-1970s to enhance the quality of life for people with disabilities through community initiatives and to address the limited nature of the rehabilitation workforce in developing countries, through the provision of basic services at a community level, incorporating principles of primary health care, relevant rehabilitation practices, and seeking to use local resources and build local skills.

The objectives of Community Based Rehabilitation are not only to maximize physical and mental ability but also to support access to regular services and opportunities, to assist people with disabilities to actively contribute to their own communities, and to encourage community members to promote and respect human rights.

The main objective of this training was to make aware to the people living with disability and their family/ dependent people. Besides this training used to make an advocate on people living with disability. The entire president, secretary and treasure and 2 other members were called from each group for the training. The training was very successful, before BIKASH Nepal there was not such type of training conducted to those people who are living with disability living in Kerabari VDC.

  • Book keeping training

The main objective of this training was to make aware of book keeping mainly to the president, secretary and treasurer. The main focus of this training also was to make them familiarization on all three books (Daily collection book, credit book and main stock book). They were taught how to mobilize effetely of the seed money and how to collect monthly collection and how that collected money are recorded and mobilize. The best part of this training was in that a particular training local leader who belongs to near by that SHP were also called in the training. The main concern to call the local leaders is to follow up and provide guidance to SHG and provide effective supervision. During the training some best practice and best example was given of how the SHG was being success and how we can make an example SHG of Kerabari VDC.

The entire training was very effective and two way discussions were done. The trainees were very much interested to know about the how the SHG are working in other part of the district. They assure us to be one of the best SHG in coming days.

Formation of Self help Group Seed money distribution to the SHG.

The self help is the network where every people living with disability are interlinked into a group, where group used to advocate about the rights of people living with disability and engage them productive work. To make sustain to particular seed money is very important so that the supporting organisation BIKASH Nepal has provided 50,000(fifty thousand rupee) as the seed money to all three groups. The accounts were opened on Ristrya Badhejya Bank of Bhacchek Gorkha and the joint account was opened which function on joint signature of president and treasurer. Actual planning was to form 4 SHG but due to geographic difficulties and number of people living with disabilities to particular wards was not enough to formed 4 SHG.

Monthly meeting in SHG.

Basically in monthly meeting we used to interact and discuss on various disability related subject. To make them aware different subject used to discuss in monthly meeting. During the session total 33( M11 F22) were participated in the meeting. The main objective of this meeting is to enhance their rights and empower them and develop them as a back bone of that community.

Assistive Device screening camp, Siranchowk rural municipality 1 Kerabari

Back Ground: This free assistive screening camp was held at Siranchowk rural municipality ward no 1 of Kerabari, on March 30 2018, with coordination on ward office of ward no 1 Kerabari and health post. The camp was a screening camp for the people living with disability to empowerment of people with disability and makes their daily live more easy and comfortable. This camp was organized in a three-step process: assessment, screening then treatment/referral.

Our Assistive Devices screening camp was focuses on those deserving disabled people of Kerabari. The beneficiaries are attended to by the Dr. Prem Devkota (physiotherapist of INF Nepal).

Disabilities can exist in various forms and if identified and treated correctly it can have a great affect on the physical as well as mental well-being of the person. But the key people who can bring development in this regard like local community members, leaders and heads of the schools, regular teachers, peer groups and self help group members, are not really aware of the disabilities in the first place. We enlighten the community about numerous disabilities and the limitations of the people with such disabilities to bring about improvement in this field.
During a Screening camp their was also a one day refresher training on CBR on which we mainly focused on Disability Awareness. It was conducted with much vigor by our team, during which, the participants were given orientation on the following issues:

  • Identification of disabled Person in community.
  • Need for educating and right of the disabled Person.
  • Facts and Myths about the disabilities.
  • Role of community members in educating and empowering the disabled Person.
  • How to collect the various facilities provided from the government of Nepal.


  • Dr. Prem Devkota. (Physiotherapist on INF Nepal GRACE Project)
  • Mr. Hira Bikram Sahi (CBR Officer on INF Nepal GRACE Project)

  • Mr. Shusil KC ( Program Coordinator BIKASH Nepal)

  • Mrs Sarita Dahal. (Social Mobilizer, BIKASH Nepal)

Details of Camp Activities:

The timing of OPD was from 8:00 am till evening 5:00 pm with being flexible to the patient. The local administration and Social mobilizer had already informed the people in the community through messages and load speakers of the community. As all the duties were pre-assigned so quickly registration desk was set and in same room the OPD was also arranged. Total 23 people living with disability were screened in that day. Beside the screening camps awareness session and one day refresher training was also conducted outside the OPD. Total 23(M 7, F 16) people living with disability were benefited in this camp.

Major finding/ Need of Intervention:-

  • Need of walker, cane stick and wheel chair.
  • Refer to GPH for CP camp, cp chair, if possible corner chair.
  • Refer to GPH for AFO, further assessment in ENT and Orthopedic consultant.
  • If possible figure surgery.
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