About us

BIKASH stands for Building In Knowledge, Attitude and Skills for Health. BIKASH Nepal is a local non-governmental and non-profit making organization working in the field of human resource development to serve people living with severe ailments affecting physical, mental and socio-economic aspects of their lives. BIKASH Nepal was emerged from the training arm of INF in 2005 and registered in District Administration Office, Kaski district as an NGO (Registered no. 1547) and affiliated with Social Welfare Council with affiliation no. 18640. The organization is governed by the BIKASH Nepal executive committee elected by the general assembly with nine members and three advisors.

The organization’s office is based in Pokhara-15. All major training events are held at training venue located at Green Pastures Complex owned by International Nepal Fellowship Nepal (INF). BIKASH Nepal seeks to work in partnership with GO, NGOs and INGOs for its wider coverage of services and sustainability. Current emphasis of BIKASH is to develop skills and knowledge of service providers involved in providing appropriate health care and rehabilitation services to people living with leprosy and disability.


  • Transformed communities in Nepal where everyone living a life to the full.


  • BIKASH Nepal exists for the wellbeing and prosperity of poor, marginalized and vulnerable people of Nepal.
  • BIKASH Nepal is committed for serving the poor, marginalized and vulnerable people of Nepal by demonstrating unconditional love care and concern.


  • Develop BIKASH Nepal as an international training and resource centre in Asia and the Pacific Region in the field of disability, CBR and inclusive development.
  • Contribute towards improving the overall wellbeing of people affected by leprosy and disability by providing training and developing efficient and competent service providers in these fields to furnish quality services in preventive, curative and rehabilitative sectors at the national and regional level.
  • Work towards establishing a functional, independent and financially sustained organisation possessing its own land and buildings.

Overall Objectives

  • To develop BIKASH Nepal as a well-functioning, independent and financially sustained organisation.
  • To improve overall developmental need fulfil.
  • To promote inclusive right of women and children.
  • To improve access to local resource.
  • BIKASH Nepal enhanced and strengthen its institutional system, and organizational culture.

Values and principles:

  • Love
  • Compassion
  • Integrity
  • Forgiveness and Reconciliation
  • Unity
  • Equality/equity
  • Non discrimination
  • Respecting Human dignity and diversity
  • Transparency

Target Group

  • Disadvantaged women and children with disability, affect by leprosy,
  • People living with disability leprosy and TB.
  • People affected by disaster and people at risk of disaster.
  • Order hyzaar classification
  • Care and dignity of elderly people.
  • Governmental health worker.
  • General population.

Target Group

  • Main focus on western region and base on need and government policy where the need is found.
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